65% of Dallas County residents cite “stigma” or “embarrassment” as the primary barrier to getting help for mental health challenges. Learn about Stigma.
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Learn About

Understanding Stigma


Stigma is the fear of being labeled, judged, marginalized, or discriminated against. In multiple studies, stigma has been shown to be the No. 1 barrier to seeking mental health treatment.

How It Displays

There’s a huge stigma around seeking mental health care. If you’re a guy, you’re often told to “man up” or “take it like a man.”  Emotions aren’t supposed to matter. If you’re a woman and you share feelings, you might worry that you’ll be seen as overly emotional, weak compared to peers, or unable to deal with workplace stress or the daily stresses of life.

In the last five years, we’ve gotten better societally at understanding the perils of mental health problems — and how widespread they are — but many people still don’t understand. There is still a[huge stigma.

Warning signs

Feeling that you cannot seek help because of how you’ll be treated or perceived.
Self-stigma or feelings of weakness and not being “strong” or “tough” enough if you need help.

What To Do Now

We want you to know that we understand and want to direct you to the proper resources and most importantly, there’s no judgment here.We’re here for you. Go to FindHelp.org now, or call 988.

Your mental health matters.

You’re here. And that’s a great first step on the way to finding better ways to manage your mental health. Because here’s the thing, mental health affects everyone and it changes throughout your life as you experience new challenges and go through trauma, stress, change and everything else this world can throw at you. And it takes a lot of practice, care and help to manage your mental health through it all. That’s why we’re here with the information, resources, tips and people you need — so you don’t have to do it alone. So, let’s keep it going and take the next steps toward better mental health together. What are you dealing with?
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