65% of Dallas County residents cite “stigma” or “embarrassment” as the primary barrier to getting help for mental health challenges. Learn about Stigma.
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COVID-19 cut us off from schools, churches, community meetings, and more. While the situation has improved since 2020, loneliness has become a major mental health issue. It is important to separate “alone” from “loneliness.” You might go for a run alone and feel very good. But if you consistently feel alone, that can become “loneliness” that may impact your mental processing of the world.

It is okay, and thousands in North Texas feel this way in the aftermath of COVID-19. Help is available now at FindHelp.

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Money Problems

The economy is confusing and hard right now, due to its high inflation rates, challenges from COVID-19, and increasing rents. You are not alone in this struggle. Financial burdens can weigh heavily on an already-full plate. If you are having trouble and need financial assistance, Dallas County offers many programs. Get assistance now at FindHelp.

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Sadness is tied to loneliness and/or generalized depression. It comes from a lack of connection to others and a feeling that your own purpose and meaning is irrelevant. Unfortunately, thousands of people feel this way, but (1) it’s not true — you do matter, and (2) there are options for help at FindHelp. Finding a core group of friends locally can be one of the best ways to beat sadness.

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“Long COVID” is a condition that develops after a COVID-19 infection and includes persistent symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, and impairments in mental health and cognition that can last for months or years. If you or a loved one is experiencing Long COVID, it can be very hard for a family to cope with medical isolation, cost of treatment, physical suffering, and more. FindHelp today.

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Drug and alcohol use went up during the early stages of the pandemic, with 2020 and 2021 both being record years for overdoses and alcohol-driven domestic abuse. With people cut off from community resources and contained in apartments or houses with little to do, this makes sense — but it obviously is very troubling for families. If you or someone you love is experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol, FindHelp today.

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North Texas saw a rise in abuse of domestic partners and children during COVID-19. This may have been a factor of general societal frustration, increased substance abuse, or families being contained together in a small pod/area. Whatever the specific reason, it’s very scary for families and bad for society overall. Thankfully, Dallas County has a huge amount of resources around domestic and child abuse. You can go to FindHelp, contact the Family Violence Division, or call one of these hotlines.

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Remote Learning

Having school-aged kids during the pandemic was tough, especially with families remote learning and remote working in close quarters. It was very challenging for many including teachers and schools, which were overburdened as well. Without school lunches, food needs were hard to meet, too. If you have school-aged kids and want to find more activities for them or ways for them to get involved in the community now that COVID restrictions have lifted, consider youth sports or go to FindHelp for resources for schoolchildren.