65% of Dallas County residents cite “stigma” or “embarrassment” as the primary barrier to getting help for mental health challenges. Learn about Stigma.
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This site does not offer care directly, but it provides resources to help you find the care and information you need.


Guys are less likely to seek help. Unfortunately, society has promoted the myth that mental health challenges mean a man is “weak” in some way. This is completely false. The first step is to realize feeling depressed or anxious — or something more serious — is NOT weak, and some of the mentally toughest and physically strongest men you’ll meet have experienced the same thing. More men seeking needed treatment begins with ending stigma. Beyond finding resources on this site, here are some things you can do:

  • Work out or move 3-5 times per week.
  • Join a group or community to find others to speak and interact with.
  • Journal your feelings.
  • Meditate.
  • Remind yourself that all emotions can be regulated and overcome.
Nearly 1 in 10 men experience some form of depression or anxiety but less than half seek treatment.


The specific challenges of female mental health can vary, but many are tied to caregiving, job stresses, fear of not being a good partner or mother, and generalized anxiety. Women should look for resources throughout this site but also:

  • Find 3-4 hours a week of alone, focused time if possible.
  • Make plans to eat healthier.
  • Meditate, move, walk, etc.
  • Find options for quality time with children, even if just reading a simple story.
  • Seek out more options for help and guidance.
Women experience twice the rate of depression as men, regardless of race or ethnic background. An estimated one in eight women will contend with a major depression in their lifetimes.


Unfortunately, the LBGTQIA+ community is still marginalized in many respects. While there has been progress and greater understanding in recent years, there is still negativity and hate directed towards the LBGTQIA+ community. If you are facing discrimination or problems in the community because of your identity, we want to point you towards important resources. Consider looking at the Resource Center, the Dallas ISD resources, or the Dallas Pride Resource Center.

45% of LGBTQIA+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.

We’re here to help.
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